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School Policy

1. General

1.1. To promote excellence by providing a viable and comprehensive education program which will equip all the learners auto essay writer with knowledge, abilities and skills to function as useful citizens in our country.
1.2. To promote the appreciation of the learners’ cultural heritage and an understanding and respect of cultural traditions of all human beings, leading to a rich cultural awareness that will contribute towards harmonious co-existence.

2. Specific

2.1. To impart information and to teach intellectual skills, to prepare the learners for the world at work.
2.2. To inculcate in our learners a desire to respect and value human life, and to develop moral integrity.
2.3. To create a positive, attitude towards work, and lifelong learning.
2.4. To develop life skills.
2.5. To cater for all phases of education in a primary School.
2.6. To combat problems related to youth, for example, alcohol, drugs, aids, etc.
2.7. To promote culture at community and school level.
2.8. To set clear academic and behaviour goals.
2.9. To maintain order and discipline.
2.10. To set high expectations for learners.
2.11.To provide rewards and incentives for educators and learners.
2.12. To maintain a positive school environment.
2.13. To promote and encourage learner leadership.
2.14. To regularly and frequently monitor learner progress.
2.15.To establish a well-coordinated curriculum.
2.16. To provide for a variety of teaching strategies.
2.1.7. To create opportunities for learner responsibilities.
2.18. To allow for learners' participation in academically orientated competitions such as speech contests, quiz competitions, book competitions, newspaper competitions, science fairs and Olympiads.
2.19. To foster parental and community involvement to achieve our goals for the learners.
2.20. To assist in vocational and societal needs.
2.21. To transmit social values,
2.22. To develop individuality, and to nurture creativity and imagination,
2.23. To encourage self-esteem.
2.24. To promote good health.
2.25. To provide, and encourage, learner participation in extra-curricular activities.
2.26. To cater for the different potential levels of learners.
2.27. To arrange field trips and excursions for learners to gain first-hand knowledge.

3. Procedure for visiting the school

3.1. Parents/guardians, and other outside agencies, are welcome to visit the school regarding matters of educational nature.
3.2. It is preferable to make a telephonic appointment with the school's secretary if persons wish to be accorded sufficient time and attention.
3.3. The preferred times for meeting with the educators can be access by clicking this link. Appointments are essential as educators may be involved in meetings, or be away on extra-mural duties,
3.4. Parents/guardians and visitors may not approach any learner or educator directly without first approaching the Principal.
3.5. Parents/guardians must leave the school premises as soon as the siren is sounded for the commencement of the school day.
3.6. Parents/guardians are not to loiter around their children’s/wards' classrooms before; the dismissal times.
3.7. Learners must be collected at the small gates on Widgeon Street and Weaverbird Avenue
3.8. Learners who are transported to the school must be dropped off, and picked up, at the big gate (entrance to the school's sports grounds) on Weaverbird Avenue. Use the pavement alongside the school fence so that the learners do not have to cross the street. Obey all traffic regulations.

4. Rules and regulations

4.1. Basic requirements from learners

4.1.1. Learners must arrive at school on time; preferably 5 minutes before the commencement of the school day.
4.1.2. Learners must respond promptly to the school's siren at all times: commencement of the school day; change of periods; breaks; end of the school day; and emergency signals.
4.1.3. Learners must move quietly, and in an orderly math homework help online manner in rows, to and from their classes.
4.1.4. Learners must not walk about the school unnecessarily during contact times.
4.1.5. Learners must do all the work assigned to them (including written work, projects, assignments, etc.) with pride, ensuring neatness and meeting scheduled times.
4.1.6. Learners must always be dressed neatly according to the requirements of the school.
4.1.7. Learners must use acceptable language; vulgarity will not be tolerated.
4.1.8. Learners must never be disrespectful, rude or be involved in bad behavior like screaming unnecessarily and fighting.
4.1.9. Learners must respect all cultures and religions.
4.1.10. Learners must respect the property of others, including state property.
4.1.11. Learners must not steal.
4.1.12. Learners must keep the classrooms, the grounds and the toilets clean at all times.
4.1.13. Learners must take home the notes/information/newsletters meant for their parents/guardians. Parents/guardians must complete and return the return slips'.
4.1.14. Learners must promote the good name of the school at all times.

4.2. School fees

4.2.1. All parents/guardians are encouraged to increase their own direct financial and other contributions to enhance the quality of their children's education,
4.2.2. The School Governing Body must make available to the parents/guardians a proposed budget, together with the previous year's audited financial statements.
4.2.3. At the parents'/guardians' general meeting, any resolution that proposes fee payment must include the amount of fees to be charged, and 'equitable criteria and procedures for the total, partial or conditional exemption of parents who are unable to pay the fees.
4.2.4. Parents/guardians requiring exemption from payment of school fees must complete the necessary form, available from the Secretary of the (SGB, and submit it to the (Chairperson of the SGB for approval at the next meeting of the SGB
4.2.5. The form will require the total income of the parent/s or guardian/s of the learner. All income must be reflected, including earnings from private or part- time work. Original or certified documents related to the income must be attached.
4.2.6. Parents/guardians who request exemption should offer their services to the school in lieu of the exemption. The services could be class supervision, painting, gardening carpentry, welding, etc.
4.2.7. School fees, as determined by the parents, must be paid in full by the end of the first term of each year.
4.2.8. Re-registration fees paid will be payment towards the school fees for the year.
4.2.9. For payments made directly into the school's bonking account, parents/guardians must fax, or send, the deposit slip to the school so that an official school receipt can be issued.
4.2.10. Parents/guardians must collect the school's official receipts for all school fees/re-registration/donation payments made to the school.
4.2.11. Parents/guardians who have not fulfilled their obligations regarding school fees will be handed over to debt collectors. Such parents/guardians will be liable for any additional charges incurred.

4.3. Absenteeism

4.3.1. Regular attendance at school is essential.
4.3.2. With the introduction of compulsory education until the age of fifteen [15], parents/guardians are obliged to ensure that their children/wards attend school regularly.
4.3.3. Parents/guardians will be held responsible if their children/wards do not comply with the compulsory education act.
4.3.4. Medical appointments must be made for after school hours, unless it is a medical emergency.
4.3.5. Should it be necessary for a learner to be away from school for 3 or more days, parents/guardians must inform the school in writing.
4.3.6. Parents/guardians must give to the learner a letter of explanation for the learner's absence from school, even if he/she was away for just a day. This letter must be given to the form educator on the learner's return to school.

4.4. Truancy / Bunking

4.4.1. This form of misconduct could result in a disciplinary hearing.

4.5. Cigarettes / Drugs / Liquor

4.5.1. Learners must not smoke, take drugs or consume liquor on the school premises or anywhere else where they can be identified as learners from Alpha Primary School.
4.5.2. An offence of this nature will lead to a disciplinary hearing.

4.6. Dangerous Items

4.6.1. Knives, pellet guns, firecrackers' and any other item that can cause bodily harm are not allowed at school.
4.6.2. Any dangerous (weapon will be confiscated.
4.6.3. If parents/guardians want these items returned, they will have to collect them personally from the school.

4.7. Eating in class and chewing

4.7.1. Junior Primary learners will be allowed 10 minutes before the first break to eat their lunch in the class.
4.7.2. No eating in the class will be allowed at any time other than what will be allowed in 6.7.1
4.7.3. Chewing gum is banned. No learner may chew gum on the school premises, or even have gum in his/her possession at school, or during any school activity anywhere.

4.8. Cellphone and use of the public phone

4.8.1. Learners are not allowed to carry cell phones to school.
4.8.2. Cell phones found with learners will be confiscated. Parents/guardians will have to come to the school personally to collect the confiscated cell phone. Parents/guardians must bring along their ID documents.
4.8.3. The school has a card-system public phone. Parents/guardians could give to their children/wards iPhone cards for the use of the public phone under strict control.
4.8.4. No learner may use the public phone without permission from the office.

4.9. Pornographic Material

4.9.1. Learners are not allowed to be in possession of pornographic material.
4.9.2. This offence will lead to a disciplinary hearing where parents/guardians will have to make themselves available.

4.10. Fighting

4.10.1. Fighting s not allowed under any circumstances.
4.10.2. Should a learner be hit by another learner, the matter must be reported immediately. Retaliation will make the learner who was hit first equally guilty.

4.11. Damage to property

4.11.1. Parents/guardians will be held responsible for the repair or replacement of any damage caused to the property of any learner/educator, or any damage to state property

4.12. Homework

4.12.1. Controlled homework will be given by the educators.
4.12.2. Parents/guardians are required to monitor their children's/wards' homework on a regular basis,
4.12.3. Parents/guardians are not to do their children’s/wards' homework for them.

4.13. Projects and assignments

4.13.1. All projects and assignments must be the Learners' own efforts.
4.13.2. These tasks ore assessed; we want to assess the learners' efforts.

4. 14. Daily checking of books

4.14.1. Parents/guardians must check their children's/wards' books daily.
4.14.2. Educators will write notes regarding the performance of the learners in the books.
4.14.3. Parents/guardians must respond by signing to indicate that they have seen the note and that they will attend to the matter.

4.15. School bags

4.15.1. Parents/guardians must ensure that their children/wards are provided with school bags that will be suitable for their needs: the bags must not damage the learners' school books.
4.15.2. Parents/guardians must take the responsibility to see to it that their children's/wards bags pre packed the night before for the day's school requirements according to the time-table.

4. 16. Texbooks

4.16.1. Textbooks are the property of the state and are issued to learners on loan.
4.16.2. Good care must be taken of all textbooks.
4.16.3. Parents/guardians must note the condition in which the textbooks were issued to the learners, and they must make regular checks on the condition of the textbooks.
4.16.4. Parents/guardians are responsible for the replacement of any damaged or lost textbooks.

4.17 Library books

4.17.1 Library books are the property of the state and are issued to learners on loan.
4.17.2 Good care must be taken of all library books.
4.17.3 Library books are on loan for a period of 14 days.
4.17.4 Parents/guardians are responsible for the replacement of any damaged or lost library books

4.18. Excursions

4.18.1. A decision will be taken by the parents/guardians, at a general parents' meeting where the budget for the following year is approved, regarding excursions for1 learners whose parents/guardians have not paid their school fees.

4.19. Parents ' / Guardians' meetings

4.19.1. Meeting notices regarding parents'/guardians' meetings will be made available in good time
4.19.2. Parents' / Guardians' are urged to attend all the meetings.
4.19.3. Where a quorum, is attained, the decisions made at meetings will be binding on all.

4.20. Support

4.20.1 Parents/guardians are urged to support the school in all its ventures such as sports, cultural events, speech contest, book quiz, newspaper quiz, selling of raffles, market days, fetes, fun runs/walks, shows, and any other fund-raising effort.

4.21. Parents' / Guardians' Expertise

4.21.1. Parents/guardians must share with the learners and the educators their expertise.
4.21.2. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, nurses, fire-fighters, policemen, carpenters, motor mechanics, plumbers, electricians, cooks, beauticians, hair-dresses, upholsterers, gardeners, animal trainers, sportsmen, etc. can assist the school by delivering folks, or giving demonstrations, or training, or teaching skills that can help make our learners acceptable citizens able to earn their own living.

4.22. Personal hygiene

4.22.1    Learners must come to school in a clean and hygienic condition.
4.22.2    Learners must take a bath each day.
4.22.3    Learners must wear clean clothes.
4.22.4    Learners must keep their nails short. Nail polish is not allowed.

4.23. Sick children

4.23.1    Learners who are sick must be kept at home.
4.23.2    If a child has a contagious disease, a note from a doctor must be obtained to certify when the child should return to school.
4.23.3    If a child gets sick at school, a parent/guardian (or the emergency contact person) will be contacted telephonically. An immediate response will be required.

4.24. Re-registration

4.24.1    Learners in grade 1 to grade 6 must be re-registered for the following year.
4.24.2    Re-registration takes place from the first day of term three each year.
4.24.3    Re-registration of learners allows the school to prepare adequately for the following year.
4.24.4    Learners who have not been re-registered by the end of term three cannot be guaranteed a place at the school the following year.

4.25. Change of personal particulars

4.25.1 The school keeps records of each learner's parents names, their physical address/es, their postal address/es, them telephone numbers (home, work and cell), and their emergency numbers.

4.26. Dress code

4.26.1. Hair Girls Must be neat and well groomed. Extensions (add-ons) are not allowed. No unconventional styles.
4.26..1 Long hair must be plaited, or tied up neatly into o ponytail Hair bands must be plain navy or black. Slides must be plain navy or black.

4.26.2. Hair Boys Must be neat and well groomed. Hair must not be beyond the shirt collar. No unconventional styles. No gel or other substance to keep the hair up.

4.26.3. Jewellery Girls Just one pair of stud earrings (plain - not glass).
Watch. No rings, bangles, bracelets, or necklaces. Jewellery worn far religious reasons must be underneath the shirt. Parents must write to the principal explaining the significance of such jewellery. No make-up, except black eye pencil. Boys Watch. No earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets or necklaces. Jewellery worn for religious reasons must be underneath the shirt. Parents must write to the principal explaining the significance of such jewellery.

4.26.4. P.E Clothing White shorts and white T-shirts. School tracksuits. Takkies.

4.26.5. General The wearing of items not allowed will be confiscated for the school day. The offence will be noted. The learner will be warned not to repeat the offence. Failure to need this warning will lead to the item being confiscated until ft is claimed from the office by a parent/guardian of the offending learner. Foundation Phase; learners (grades 1, 2 and 3) may wear their P. E. clothes for the entire day on which they have P. E. Intermediate. Phase and Senior Phase learners (grades 4, 5, 6 and 7) must wear their P.E. do thing for just the P.E. periods. Immediately after the P. E. periods they must get back into their school uniforms. All personal items must be clearly labelled. Learners are responsible for the safe-keeping of their clothing and shoes.

4.27. Transport

4.27.1. Drivers of vehicles transporting learners to school must obey all traffic-rules.
4.27.2. Drivers must obey the instructions of the scholar patrols.
4.27.3. Drivers must not park dose to the scholar patrol areas.
4.27.4. Drivers must not take U-turns.
4.27.5. Drivers must not park on the wrong side.
4.27.6. Drivers must use the big gates on Weaverbird Avenue.
4.27.7. Learners mast wait for their transport inside the school grounds
4.27.8. Learners mast not play on the streets.
4.27.9. Learners must not enter the neighbours' yards.
4.27.10. Learners must have their full particulars in their bags. This information will be valuable in The event that a learner has not been picked up by his transport, or in the case of an emergency like an accident.

4.28. Acceptance of the school policy

4.28.1. This school policy was accepted by the parents at the General Meeting held on .Saturday, 19 Julv 2008

4.29. Amendments, alterations, deletions and additions

4.29.1. Amendments, alterations, deletions and additions will be approved by a majority vote at a General Parents' Meeting, or through approval by a majority of written responses received from parents/guardians.

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I piu importanti Foggia fattori di rischio per questa malattia sono il diabete.

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In formulazioni cosmetiche, di solito Roma e usato in concentrazioni comprese tra 0,1 e 5%.

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